City General Hospital Herries Road Sheffield 5


City General Hospital Herries Lane Sheffield 5 United Kingdom


(Now called Northern General Hospital)



(Photo by Terry Robinson: supplied by Geograph British Isles and its contributors. For more details on this photo, please visit

This view shows part of the main buildings which were built in the late 1870's as the Sheffield Union Workhouse. The Clock Tower, on the left of this picture, was the main 'central entrance' and bears the date 1878. I state 'central entrance' as originally another 'wing' matching that shown in the picture went off to the left in this view. The 'wings' contained the main wards for the inmates. The whole building was approximately a quarter of a mile long. Eventually the Workhouse closed and became the Sheffield City Hospital and later Northern General Hospital.

The City General began life as a Workhouse.