Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery: Werkendam, Holland

Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery: Werkendam, Holland.

The resting place of Sgt. Eric Cooper, his  fallen comrades, and crews from other fallen aircraft.

This is a photographic souvenir of a vist to Sgt. Eric Coopers grave in June 2015, by some surviving members of his family, who came to honour and pay their respects to Sgt Cooper, and all the fallen servicemen in the graveyard.

Commonwealth War Graves, Werkendam

photo : Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery: Werkendam, Holland.

Oorlogsgraven van het Gemenbest-- Commonwealth War Graves.  ( See more  official information. )

The entrance to the graveyard.

Wreath for Sgt. Eric Cooper's grave, Wekendam, Holland.

photo: a wreath of flowers on the grave of Eric Cooper.


The wreat to be put on Sgt. Eric Coopers grave. The colours reflect the RAF roundels on the aircrafts fusilage. Red, white and blue.


Grave of Sgt.Cooper, RAF, Werkendam: Respect & Honour guard party.

photo : Dick, Fred and Richard.

Members of Sgt Eric Coopers family honour his memory with a wreath. Dick, Fred and Richard. Fred wears the medals on his right breast of Sgt Cooper.


Graveyard cemetery of Werkendam, Holland.

photo : The graveyard - begraafplaats- cemetery... fried hof the garden of peace.

The graveyard - begraafplaats- cemetery- Commonwealth War Graves of Werkendam, Netherlands.  Dick and Fred are examining in the distance, the resting place of Sgt. Cooper, in a row of other graves of fallen soldiers.


the row of Allied servicemens graves in Werkendam, Holland.

photo: the row of airmens graves, Werkendam

The wreath marks the final resting place of the young Eric Cooper. White crosses & poppies mark the members of the crew of the fatal crash. They are not forgotten.


Headstone of Sgt Eric Coopers grave, Werkendam, Holland.

photo: Eric Coopers' headstone, Werkendam.


Sergeant E.H.Cooper

Air Gunner

Royal Air Force

24TH JULY 1942

AGE 21


Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, Werkendan, Holland


The line of War Graves carefully tended and laid out in the chrch graveyard of Werkendam, Holland.


Sterling crash site, Werkendam, Holland

photo: Modern view of the crash site by Richard Hallam.

Modern view of the crash site. The road follows the dyke, which seperates the polders, or reclaimed, drained land so typical of Holland.

polders & dykes of Werkendam, Holland.


Dykes & polders of the crash site.


This photo graph  further explains Mr. Dick Hallam's account of the fatal crash... see here for more information.


Note for anybody who has relatives buried here... if you wish for any information and photographs to be shared and remembered,, I will be pleased to publish them for you on this memorial website.

Please email me here at     Eric Coopers namesake & nephew)


2015-06-13 Saturday.