Harold Pitt Bau und Arbeits Battalion 21 (BAB21) Blechhammer

Harold Pitt POW

Bau und Arbeits Battalion 21 (BAB21)

Blechhammer near Lamsdorf. ( Polish : Kedzierzyn Kozle Blachownia sl)

Long March veteran

This is a video interview of Mr. Harold Pitt by his son David Pitt. It is a Youtube video I have embedded and is over an hour long. It is one of the best and most fascinating interviews I have ever had the pleasure and honour of listening to.

Copied from the original video source:

This video records the memories of Private Harold Pitt, No.5250898, a transport driver in the 7th, Battalion, The Worcestershire Regiment.

On 26th May, 1940, during the fighting retreat towards Dunkirk, he attempted to rescue wounded members of "C" Company near the North bank of the La Bassee Canal between Givenchy and La Bassee, France. He was captured and became a POW, number 5585.
After spending time in many camps he was transferred to Bau und Arbeits Battalion 21, (BAB 21) Blechhammer, Upper Silesia, Poland. He arrived there late 1942 one of over 40,000 labourers from many nations serving a large plant (baustelle) near the now town of Blachownia Slaska making petrol from coal. This was also a satellite of Auschwitz extermination camp which supplied Jewish labourers.
In January 1945, following the Russian advance towards the West, the men of BAB 21 were force marched through Poland and Czechoslovakia to Moosburg, Germany a walk of over 800kms suffering freezing winter weather and poor rations. Many died on what he always called "The Long March".
He was liberated by the American Army in April 1945.

He was born in Kidderminster, later living in Malvern and died on 10th April, 2011, aged 93.


Part Two of this fascinating interview is now available on this page!


My great thanks to Mr. David Pitt for his work in creating this video, and submitting it to us all to view it.


Eric Hallam



Friday, 18th of May, 2012

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