Letters of October 1945




Mon. Oct.1.45

My Darling,

I have arrived back here safe and sound and in fairly good time.

I caught a tram at the bottom of thar road, and it took me to within a few mins of the station: the train left at 1.25 for Leeds, when I got to Leeds there was a B.L.A. train in, and I slipped on the one to Bradford, we arrived in Bradford about half-past three, I was in the billets by four o'clock. I ate all my apples before I got to Bradford too, it lightened my load considerably.

Well my darling, I feel as though I have just had a lovely dream, all I have of our few hours spent together is a happy memory. All I want to know is did you enjoy those few hour, darling you will feel a little tired this morning I know. I slept till about ten o'clock, and feel quite fresh, but hungry.

Well I shan't write you a very long letter this morning they are short handed in the cookhouse, and I shall have to go and give them a hand, so my darling till tonight I'll still be thinking of you.

Give my regards to your friends, did you have any broken eggs, I feel almost sure you would have somehow.

Well darling it's almost as hard to finish writing to you as it is leaving you at the City Gen., anyhow keep smiling dearest, I love you more each time I see you, and I'll be seeing you some more.

Yours Always.




Miss L.M.Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield 5.


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