Nurse L.M.Cooper,Nurses Home,City General Hospital, Sheffield 5


Taken from the 1944 diary of J.H.Hallam. P.O.W.  working in an ArbeitsKommando - Working Party.

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Nurse L.M.Cooper,Nurses Home,City General Hospital, Sheffield 5

"Nurse L.M.Cooper,Nurses Home,City General Hospital, Sheffield 5"

This is an un-edited collection of 364 letters written between the 15th of May, 1945 and Feb 18th 1946. It poignantly traces the frustration, helplessness and developing  relationship between a  returned prisoner of war and his sweetheart, a student nurse at City General Hospital, Sheffield, who seize brief moments to be together, only to be forced apart again by the turbulence and aftermath of war, and these letters hold their intimate thoughts, aspirations and emotions through this trying period.

Trooper J.H.Hallam was captured after the battle of Crete  30 th May  1941 and was interned in the notorious  prisoner of war camp Stalag VIIIB at Lamsdorf in Silesia which is now in Poland and returned back to England  in May,1945 after participating in "The Long March". He was a prisoner for practically four  years.

Nurse L.M.Cooper was a trainee State Registered Nurse at the City General Hospital in Sheffield. Almost all Trooper Hallams' letters were sent to this address.

At the time of these letters , Trooper Hallam was twenty six years old, and Miss Cooper was twenty three.

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