P.O.W. Diaries 1945 April 21 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

Saturday 21 April 1945


Wake early, only for to do a job. We eat our last tin of bully beaf for breakfast. Spuds 3 per man from Jerry, also a little flour soup. We move off at 11 o'clock. Have to push the bloody Jerries cart laden with their own kit. Up hill down hill, stop, go steady, what a trek. Rain fell heavily. Arrive at barn again, lucky have electric light here. I feel full of wind. Had two slices of bread. Might get a soup later.




Editors note:

The battle for Berlin is almost over. Russian troops have arrived at the eastern end of the capital. The bombardement of the center of Berlin by the Russian artillery has commenced.